Track Information

VIRginia International Raceway: Chin Motorsports HPDE Track Days

VIR is on the list of the greatest tracks in America for good reason.
Scenic setting, big elevation changes, the UPHILL ESSES, just a few of the reasons why Chin visits VIR 3 times a year.
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  • Noise restrictions: On Sundays, a designated quiet hour from 11am-12n. In the Chin format, lunch is scheduled during this time. No restrictions at other times.
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  • Converible criteria: VIR has a requirement for fixed 4-point (or better) roll bars, or 3-point hoops behind the seat for roadsters. This is a strict track standard. Street convertibles and cabriolets with OEM roll protection are generally NOT ACCEPTED.
VIR Event Dates
Mar 5-6, 2016 Saturday: NORTH course | Sunday: FULL course. OPENING: Monday, 1/4, 10PM
Apr 25, 2016 Monday: 1-day. NEW format: Open track|Skilled drivers ONLY! OPENING: Monday, 2/15, 10PM
Jun 6-7, 2016 Monday/Tuesday in late spring. OPENING: Tuesday, 4/5, 10PM
Oct 23-24, 2016 Sunday/Monday, following the 13-Hr. A tradition at VIR. OPENING: Monday, 8/22, 10pmET