Track Information

Sebring Raceway: Chin Motorsports HPDE Track Days

Legendary Sebring is America's most historic road course, and is 'home track' for Chin Motorsports.
We are the #1 provider of track events here, with more Sebring dates than any other club.
Sebring Event Dates
Jan 2-3, 2016 Begin your 2016 track season on the 1st w/e of the year! OPENING: Tuesday, 11/17, 10PM
Jan 30-31, 2016 Again at Sebring, the winter home of Chin Motorsports. OPENING: Monday, 11/30, 10PM
Apr 2-3, 2016 Usually the end of March, now one week later due to Easter. OPENING: Monday, 1/18, 10PM
Apr 23-24, 2016 4th visit to Sebring in 2016. OPENING: Monday, 2/15, 10PM
May 21-22, 2016 4 weeks after our previous Sebring visit. OPENING: Monday, 3/21, 10PM
Jun 18, 2016 Saturday only, one-day event. OPENING: Monday, 4/18, 10PM
Jul 16, 2016 Saturday only, one-day event. OPENING: Monday, 5/16, 10PM
Aug 13, 2016 Saturday only, one-day event. OPENING: Monday, 6/13, 10PM ET
Sep 16, 2016 1-day: Friday only. NEW format: Open track|Skilled drivers ONLY! OPENING: Monday, 7/11 10PM ET
Oct 8-9, 2016 First big Fall event at Sebring! OPENING: Monday, 8/8, 10pmET
Nov 5-6, 2016 once a month in the Fall. OPENING: Monday, 8/29, 10pmET
Dec 10-11, 2016 "End of the season!" including: The NIGHT Session! OPENING: Monday, 10/10, 10pmET