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Barber Motorsports Park: Chin Motorsports HPDE Track Days

Is it a race track, a museum, or a monument? YES!
Barber offers serious driver challenges, but also features immaculate grounds, spectacular museum, and excellent facilities.
  • Recommended Hotel: Hampton Inn, Leeds, AL
    (across street from track)
  • Track Location:
  • Noise restrictions: On Sundays, a designated quiet hour from 11am-12n. In the Chin format, lunch is scheduled during this time. 104dB max at other times.
  • Track Website:
  • Convertible criteria: Street convertibles that are equipped with some form of factory roll protection (S2000, Porsche/BMW cabs, etc...) can be accepted, only in novice or intermediate categories. For an advanced driver to use a convertible in "red" group, the car must have aftermarket roll-bar and harnesses.
Barber Motorsports Park
Barber Motorsports Park Event Dates
Feb 11-12, 2017 Saturday/Sunday . End your sports car hibernation! Time to get 'em HOT!
Apr 8-9, 2017 Saturday/Sunday. Springtime at Barber. Don't let the flowering landscape distract you!
Jul 8-9, 2017 Saturday/Sunday. Make your sports car sweat.
Sep 9-10, 2017 Saturday/Sunday. Celebrate the end of the Summer Weight-Loss series!