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Texas World Speedway: Chin Motorsports HPDE Track Days

This former super-speedway oval is now the site of one of the most popular road-course tracks in Texas. Racing on the oval was discontinued in 1981, and refurbished with a new road course lap in the 90's. Now, club racers and track-day enthusiasts in cars of all kinds enjoy the lap. TWS is located near College Station, between Dallas and Austin. Don't confuse this track with Texas Motor Speedway, which is the unrelated NASCAR oval in Fort Worth.
  • Comfort Suites, 2350 S. Day Street Brenham, TX 77833
    Hotel is 30 mins from track. Due to high volume of Texas A&M event expect higher fees closer to TWS.
  • Track Location: Directions
  • Noise restriction: 103dB Max applicable for all cars.
  • Track Website:
  • Must have factory roll-over protection or aftermarket protection on all convertibles.
Texas World Speedway
Texas World Speedway Event Dates
Apr 9-10, 2016 It's the 3rd replay of the "last event" at TWS! OPENING: Monday, 2/1, 10PM
Jun 25-26, 2016 This is sure to be the last event before TWS closes. Or, Not... =) . OPENING: Tuesday, 4/26 10PM et.
Sep 17-18, 2016 It's on! Again! TWS just won't give up. Opening date: 7/11, 10pm ET
Nov 12-13, 2016 The TWS countdown clock has stopped with minutes remaining! OPENING: Monday, 8/29, 10pmET